Barrett Studio Architects-Transformation

Transformation Part 1: Another Way

It's good to have this vision right in front of me, because now we are faced with downsizing the 2,200 square foot Studio into our new temporary office space. For the next year we will run the business from 600 square feet. That's a 73% reduction in space.
Barrett Studio Peoples Choice Winner

Green Home Tour Win for Mother Tree Home

People's Choice Award winner of the 2017 Boulder Green Home Tour!
SABIT featured

SABIT: New Friends in Russia, Ukraine and Tajikistan

David loves to share his passion for design, so when we got a call from the U.S. Department of Commerce, we were intrigued to say the least.
Boulder Housing

Video: Diverse and Vital Boulder Housing

What an honor to be the headline speaker for the Goose Creek Community Land Trust fundraising event on June 21, 2017. Enjoy this compilation video and learn about this exciting housing opportunity.
Eagle Rock School

Eagle Rock School: A Critical Look in the Rear View Mirror

It's a rare of opportunity for an architect to be invited back to review a completed project 28 years after it was conceived and built. In this case we are talking about the Eagle Rock School and Professional Development Center in Estes Park, Colorado.
architectural models

Architectural Models: Indispensable in our Craft

During my second year in architecture school at Kent State University (1990) a dorm friend asked me “where do you buy those cool model kits you use in studio?”
Earth Day Architecture

Earth Day Architecture: Real and Imagined

As we approach Earth Day 2017, are these good examples of Earth Day architecture from around the world? Every building has the potential to be more "green" and sustainable, but these buildings take it a step further, or at first glance they seem to. We asked our staff for their off-the-cuff reactions and share them for your interest and amusement.
LED Light Palapa

LED Light For An Off-The-Grid Palapa

This winter, David offered me a bonus trip to his off-the-grid palapa on the Pacific Ocean in Mexico with one string attached. In between snorkeling, fishing, laying in the sun, and drinking tequila, my task was to upgrade the palapa lighting “system,” if you could call it that. My appropriate technology instincts kicked in immediately.
Additions and Renovations in Boulder

Why Boulder Additions and Renovations Make Sense

One would think that as architects who are passionate about design we would only advocate new construction, so why do we recommend the addition and renovation solution? A carefully planned and executed ‘reimagining’ of an existing detached home can often be created more affordably and more quickly, than brand new ground-up construction.
Full Service Architecture

The True Value of Full-Service Architecture

We are a full-service architecture firm. While this has a great deal of meaning to us, it's surprising that there isn't a commonly recognized definition among architects. An essence of shared meaning can be easily deduced, but we gravitate toward a definition that illustrates the qualities of our design process more than the stages of design.
Working with an Architect for the first time

Working With An Architect For The First Time

Working with an architect for the first time can be an exciting adventure. You've been dreaming about a home built especially for you, and now you're in the enviable position of making it happen. Poised for greatness, right? If only there were no fears rolling around in your head, disturbing your sleep!

Our Favorite Things Vol. 20

As the New Year approaches, Our Favorite Things Vol. 20 is having a rubberneck moment. Normally we look outward at what the world has to offer in cool architectural products, materials, and smartly designed projects. But what about us?!! Over here!!! We have something to show you: Five reasons why people light up when they walk into our Studio for the first time.
Musings on Modern(ism)

Musings on Modern(ism)

I've taken both the high road and the low road in these musings on modernism. For a bit of humor, watch this 5-minute video that is my somewhat tongue-in-cheek late night rant at the Month of Modern Wrap Party. Depending on your political orientation, it’ll give you a chuckle. On a more serious note, I have done quite a bit of thinking recently about what modernism is and isn’t and it comes down to this:
The Elegance of Just Enough

The Elegance of Just Enough

One of our all-time favorite clients and homes hit the spotlight in Denver Life Home+Design magazine's feature: Homes with Character. Matt Cotham is a young emergency room physician (above, fully enjoying his relaxing retreat) who told us "I can't imagine building another house, because mine is perfect."
The Seasoning of an Architect

The Seasoning of an Architect

Like most prospective architects, Rich and Nick’s careers began with the pursuit of an educational degree. Between the two of them, there are two Bachelor of Architecture degrees, a Bachelor of Environmental Design, and a Master of Architecture. With all that schooling, you’d think they would be architects right out of the gate.