Spira Mirabilis

Mountains of Colorado

Spira mirabilis, Latin for “the marvelous spiral,” is the quintessential shape of a nautilus shell, which undeniably inspires the structure of this mountain top haven. The bones, or shell if you will, of this private sanctuary are being designed to mimic one of nature’s most dignified and complex mathematical patterns — a logarithmic spiral (similarly, a golden spiral). Multiple trials of perfecting the architecture to seamlessly transpire within the circling framework has allowed for an intricate evolution of the design process itself.

Once celestially established faraway among the undulating mountains west of Boulder, this unique home will be a summit retreat for generations to come. Visitors will not only be paralyzed in awe of the stunning views the building intends to capture, they will undoubtedly be captured themselves by the physical and acoustical semblance within.

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