• We strive for meaning, excellence, and always beauty.

    Barrett Studio Architects Expertise

Passion. Diversity. Expertise.

Our assembly of architects is a passionate and experienced team of design professionals whose work is deeply rooted in ecology, connectivity, and a joyful expression of function and beauty. We serve our clients with architecture, interiors, master planning, urban design, and community design.

Our expertise in both residential and community oriented design makes us more nimble architects. The diversity of planning on different scales exercises the architectural brain by looking at things from different perspectives. We feed on variety and meaning.

Our Services



We stay fresh. Each project results in a unique solution geared toward our client and the environment. While we excel at creating initial “BIG ideas!”, our full service approach ensures that the vision is brought forth through technical detailing and finishing touches.

Technical Expertise
Our years of experience with a variety of contractors and building types allows us to prepare construction documents that move efficiently through the permit process, and are readily constructible and understood by the builders.

The benefits are twofold: fewer difficulties during the construction phase means a savings of time and money; and the carefully crafted design manifests in form as envisioned. We are committed to continually developing our knowledge of building systems and techniques so that our clients benefit from the latest technologies.

Together with our personal service, the balance between our technical expertise and visionary design is perhaps our greatest strength as a firm.


We offer interior design services for our architectural projects, including:

● Furniture and Cabinetry Design
● Appliances
● Fixtures
● Lighting
● Flooring
● Wall Coverings
● Window Coverings
● Furniture Purchasing


Our master planning services are comprehensive and community oriented.

● Stakeholder Co-Creative Process
● Programming and Phasing Priorities
● Navigation of City/Council Approval and Entitlement Community
● Lot and Amenity Layout and Rendering
● Creation of Architectural, Design and Sustainability Standards and Guidelines



We work with communities and developers to define a process tailored to their needs, resulting in an involved, informed constituency. We have developed a genuine enthusiasm for facilitating community process through user group charrettes, periodic meetings for vision evolution sharing, or a full Integrated Design Team process with client involvement.

Our approach has succeeded in conveying the root ideas that inform the public and government agencies in the values and community benefits embedded in our projects.

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