Leah Decker

Leah Decker

Environmental Design and Production

As a designer early in her career, Leah Decker anchors the design support work at Barrett Studio. From creating 3D models by hand and by computer, to artistic free-hand rendering, Leah helps bring the client one step closer to visualizing and understanding the masterpiece underway.

Leah grew up in Massachusetts and found architecture to be the natural expression of her attraction to drawing. In her formative years as an intern, she found inspiration from seeing sustainable design projects come to fruition, and renovating historic buildings for maximum efficiency.

On a recent trip to her family home, Leah attended the grand opening of one of her all-time favorite projects: Alchemist Brewery. After two years managing the project, and a one-hour wait in line, she finally was able to sip a Heady Topper on location.

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