Matthew Maher

Matthew Maher

Project Designer

Initially drawn to Environmental Studies, Matthew Maher eventually turned to architecture as one of the most powerful tools for creating sustainability. It is his passion for sustainability, and awe of the natural world and ecology, that informs much of his life both professionally and personally. He sees today’s architecture as a balanced coordination of artistic and scientific thinking – that and a wonderful co-creative process with consultants and clients.

Matthew is well versed in custom residential design and construction, especially net-zero, having successfully led a design-build firm early in his career. With a Bachelor of Architecture and Business from Keene State College in 2001, Matthew is actively on a path to licensure as an architect.

On the personal side, Matthew lives in downtown Boulder (about a 6-minute ride from the studio), with his partner Jen and son Jobin. They lead a simple, compact, bike-centric life, living their values on a daily basis. When he is not working, he is a passionate outdoorsman, and an avid skier and mountain biker.

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