• “Living Architecture conveys an elegant humility in contrast to an ego statement that says ‘look at me.’"


Our studio is committed to a transition toward a sustainable, green future, and over the past three decades of practice, we have deepened our awareness that to achieve this dream we must look to nature for its bio-logic and its inspiration for form. By holding nature as our teacher, architecture can deliver a sense of vitality that places us in relationship to our surroundings. This awareness of a deep connection to living, breathing systems is an experience E.O. Wilson termed “biophilia”, the love of the living.

Living Architecture exceeds the aesthetic of natural harmony, rather it delves deep within to harmonize with the earth’s rhythms—to truly, seamlessly intertwine with nature.

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Along with this celebration of nature, we co-create structures that respond to, move with, and breathe with the inhabitants—buildings that embrace their natural surroundings and the people within it. We listen to budget, priorities, intentions, fears and needs, then bring this together and make it harmonize within the existing landscape.

“It’s as if we peeled back the meadow to reveal a home in the earth.”


Under the direction of David Barrett, the studio team is dedicated to deepening this understanding of ecology and creating a seamless interconnection of nature and architecture. Come with us on this adventure, and celebrate the art and act of building.

“We wanted a house that rose out of the land like a tree, with one big heart-and-soul room as the main living space”


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