Home in Rockscape

Boulder, Colorado
Completed in 1998

Home in Rockscape is an experience of rock, sky and distant vistas. It is both a sanctuary and an atmospheric observatory. As home for a couple, a scientist and a fiber artist, it is a blending of technology and art, masculine and feminine, earth and sky. The site, located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, is a spectacular geological event. Just as a lizard suns itself on a rock, the house was envisioned as an organism touching down lightly in the granite pile. To accomplish this, the house floats on piers anchored to the outcropping, with mechanical systems contained in the underbelly, which avoids the standard excavation that would have disturbed the surrounding ecology.

From afar, the jagged rooflines and carefully selected stucco color meld the home with its craggy landscape. Inside, the house is open and flowing, encouraging indoor – outdoor relationships with several separate decks, patios, and bridges. This natural flow is accentuated with spatial relationships that allow the imagination to soar from this dreamy perch.

Home in Rockscape
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