Home on the Range

Boulder, Colorado
Completed in 2008

Located in South Boulder, with stunning panoramic views of the Flatirons and Hogback, Home on the Range comprises a main house, guest house, studio, and barns with riding arena. The buildings are a blend of rich craftsmanship, luxurious furnishings, raw and rustic materials, and modern detailing.

The owners desired a flowing, comfortable home for their family that encouraged play, interaction, and genuine living. This is a Colorado ranch house, responsive to the barns and animals, mountains, big sky, intense wind, and rugged dryness…a home for belonging, for living dreams. Seamless transition from landscape to architecture is complimented by both inward contemplative spaces and outward open spaces with views and literal connections to the land. Experienced as a juxtaposition between hard and soft, rectilinear and curvilinear, the fullness of life is expressed with both precision and love.

A cluster of distinct building and roof forms are organized along three thick mass walls, crafted of ducted board-formed concrete. One moves through the main kitchen and living space, another links the guesthouse to the main residence, and the third anchors the studio.

A chromatically consistent material palette allows dynamic masses and roof planes to speak gently, reinforcing this as a distinctly western home: rusting steel, board-formed concrete, buff sandstone, weathered reclaimed snow fence, and soft Douglas Fir all find their places here.


Home on the Range
“I feel as if our house is not only an expression of my and my wife’s person and personality, but an amplification. I feel more myself in our home than I thought possible, and the best parts of myself, the best parts of my mind and heart, find expression there. ”


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