Mother Tree

Boulder, Colorado
Completed in 2012

Located above Boulder, Mother Tree follows the curve and slope of the land making strong connections to the earth and sky. Each outdoor connection is inspired by existing natural features: The Entry Courtyard encircles a small cluster of mature trees, the Northern Contemplation Garden is rocky with dappled light and a spiral fountain, and the South Patio is open, exposed and perfect for warming in the sun while enjoying the views from Boulder to the Denver skyline.

A warm but bright interior palette includes bamboo cabinetry and built-ins, cork flooring, beetlekill pine, indoor-outdoor ceilings, and vibrant ceramic tiles, sinks and light fixtures made by the client, a ceramics artist.

“We like to describe the co-creative process as a dance. Our role of architects more closely resembled that of a juggler rather than a conductor. The glue in the project was everyone’s shared commitment to creativity, beauty and listening to the land, with a healthy dose of humor and goodwill.”




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