Nestled Neighbor

Boulder, CO

The Nestled Neighbor house straddles the seam between the Dakota Ridge new urbanist neighborhood and Boulder Open Space. This unique location afforded opportunities to play to the natural western vistas while supporting a walkable street with neighborly interactions.

Given the tight lot, there was a conscious effort to wrap the ground level living spaces around a courtyard that fronts the street, while stacking active family spaces vertically. The upper floors open to a porch enjoying the view of the foothills, while the couple’s realm is a private nest on the third level, sheltered by the vaulted roof.

The materials of this neighborhood home are compatible with the established architectural patterns but “cover the song” in a fresh interpretation. Weathered corrugated steel and local sandstone give homage to early ranches that rise along the Dakota Ridge, while the home is noticeably modern and organic.

Photos by Daniel O’Connor Photography


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