Riding on the Range

Boulder, Colorado

The completion of Home on The Range required a seamless marriage of habitat and horse facilities. Thus, Riding on the Range fulfills a lifestyle that is both public and private. Central to a small community of riders, boarders and equine enthusiasts is the barn, stalls, and outdoor and indoor riding arenas. The architecture of these functions blend a strong reference to local rural forms, with a more utilitarian bent to modernism, and the weathered material pallet of recycled snow fencing, Corten corrugated steel and local stone. One glimpses the presence and architectural dialogue between home and riding facility, while always recognizing the implied boundaries between the two.

Inside the facilities, natural light abounds, with attention to the needs of riders and horses alike in a way that speaks of the owner’s love and respect for both.

Photos: Michael Shopenn Photography, Ben Tremper, and BARRETT STUDIO architects

“The place feels right. Like it has been taken apart and put back together, and it’s the way it was supposed to be. That is a hard quality to describe, and harder to create. The barns are in the right place.  They work. The pastures are in the right place. They work. The roads and the ditches and the pens and the tractor and the house and the arena are in the right place. And they work. They all go “click,” like some Feng Shui realization of proper placement.”




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