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Frozen Tomatoes and a Boulder Lifestyle

Boulder Lifestyle magazine features how Michael and Nancy Linsley's home satisfies their passions and commitment to sustainable living.

Our Favorite Things Volume 14: Materials Mashup

This time of year, everything can start taking on a wash of, well, dreariness…boredom…familiarity. It’s the February doldrums in full effect! Not that familiarity is bad, but things can be a lot more fun with a dash of the unexpected. Some of Our Favorite Things surprise us with Materials Mashups.
Zero Energy Greenhouse

The Practically Zero Energy Year Round Greenhouse

I realize the title is a mouthful, but here in Colorado this…

City Life: Growing Food with the Sun

by Maggie Flickinger The importance of fresh, vital food options…

Our Favorite Things: Volume 6

by Maggie Flickinger Do Good.  Eat Good. Feel Good.  That's…

How Does Your Garden Grow?

It's full blown spring in Boulder and the chill fingers of frost have (hopefully!) passed us by. We're all starting on our gardens...expanding, starting anew, and learning from past seasons. Last year, I bemoaned the loss of my "in-ground" garden when I bought a rowhouse with the only ground-floor area being a lovely concrete pad.