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Frozen Tomatoes and a Boulder Lifestyle

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After a big win as the 2017 People’s Choice Award winner of the Boulder Green Home Tour, Mothertree Home gets another round of attention. This time, Boulder Lifestyle magazine features more personally how Michael and Nancy Linsley’s home satisfies their passions and commitment to sustainable living (article on page 60.)

In David’s words, “This home is a tangible example of how design can provide for, facilitate and celebrate lifestyles that encompass many different interests and needs.”

A special thanks to our friends at Cottonwood Custom Builders who pulled out all the stops to make the Linsley’s home so feature-worthy.

Frozen Tomatoes

We switch to the topic of tomatoes. A few years ago, we interviewed Michael Linsley for our Winter Tomatoes: Growing Green Indoors blog. With summer in full swing, we thought it a good time to offer one of Michael’s foodie tips:

“Go to the Farmer’s Market in late summer. Buy 20 pounds of super ripe, delicious summer tomatoes. Do nothing with them, just freeze them. You will have a Ziplock of little red billiard balls, basically. When it’s time to use them, take one, two, three out and use them in sauces, soups, marinades, and so on. They no longer have the texture of a whole tomato, but they have all the flavor of the summer.”

Can’t wait to hit the Farmer’s Market and store a little summer for our winter pleasure. And meanwhile, sit out on the porch and read a great issue of Boulder Lifestyle.