Launching Studio Arts Boulder

Launching Studio Arts Boulder

Over the past few months we have been sharing news about the exciting work we are doing for Studio Arts Boulder. This highly successful organization has been housed in an old Firehouse on University Hill as “The Pottery Lab” for over 40 years. Through a combination of vision and grit, they have secured highly visible property in the Diagonal Crossing neighborhood in North Boulder. The other key piece of the deal has been a big win with voters of $1.75 million in matching funds through the Boulder Community Culture and Safety Tax.

Along with these exciting foundational elements, they have engaged Barrett Studio Architects to design a 12,500 square foot facility that will provide studio and gallery space for community creation in the mediums of ceramics, wood, metal, print, and glass (a huge expansion in program). There is no other space like this in Boulder. It is a project that we are extremely excited about and proud to be part of.

Last week, over 65 people came to the Studio Arts Open House at Dagabi Cucina. What an energetic, high-vibe beginning to their capital campaign. The video at the top of this post is my impromptu speech with Kari Palazzari, Executive Director of Studio Arts Boulder. It’s just a 5-minute video, so it will not give you all the details on the project, but it will certainly give you the energy and flavor of it.

The people who showed up at the Open House expressed interest in at least one of these reasons to support this project:

  • Artful, sustainable architecture
  • A strong and vibrant art community in Boulder
  • Studio Arts: Pottery, Printmaking, Woodworking, Glassblowing, or Metalsmithing
  • Kids learning and playing in the studio arts
  • Adults tapping into their creative abilities in the studio arts
  • Seniors enjoying their retirement in the studio arts
  • Disadvantaged people receiving free and low-cost programs
  • And giving to this nonprofit organization, because it is part of the long standing heart and soul of our community.

This is one of those rare opportunities to be part of something that will continue to foster creative well-being in our community. This is something I know I want to leave behind for our children and grandchildren.

Learn more about the Studio Arts Boulder expansion here, it’s pretty exciting. And if the excitement takes you over (like it has for us), make a donation today and direct your donation to “Capital” in the dropdown.

Thanks for listening, and we hope you are as inspired as we are.