Studio Arts Boulder Progress

Studio Arts Progress during the Pause

We share with you a heartening update from our friends at Studio Arts Boulder about our mutual progress during the “pause”:

Hello friends and supporters,

With the coronavirus shutdowns, it is hard to imagine making progress on anything big right now. People are feeling stuck and struggling to hold on to something positive. That’s why we are especially excited to share this expansion update. We have lots of good progress to share with you!

First Round of Tech Docs Submitted

Over the past few months, Barrett Studio Architects has been working diligently on plans for our new center for community art education. In January, they secured approval of a “minor modification” to the original site plan and last Friday they submitted the first round of technical documents to the city for review.

This set of tech docs focuses on the exterior features of the building as well as landscaping and utilities. As you’ll see in the images below, not much has changed from David Barrett’s original concept design. The clerestory roof, exterior materials, “lantern” stairwells, and indoor-outdoor usability are still key features of the facility. We’ve also opened up the east entry and added panels for artwork along the multi-use path. Take a look…

Studio Arts Progress During the Pause
Sustainable Systems

In addition to solar panels on the roof and daylighting from north-facing clerestories, the plans for the building include sustainable technologies wherever possible.

First, the entire building will be heated and cooled by a geothermal ground source heat pump with energy recovery ventilation. This system brings in a constant supply of fresh air from outside and transfers hot and cold from one part of the building to where it’s needed in another part of the building. When that is not enough to regulate temperatures, the system borrows warmth or cooling from the earth via coils buried deep below our parking lot.

Studio Arts Progress during the Pause

Each studio and common area will be a separate zone, with its own controls for heating, ventilation, lighting, and other systems. Last month, the architects sat down with the lead teacher in each art form (ceramics, woodworking, blacksmithing, “warm” glass, and printmaking) to review how ventilation, dust collection, electrical, and other systems will operate in each studio. These experts have been critical to the planning process from the very beginning because they know how students and instructors will use the space and what’s important to maintain safe and efficient operation of each studio.

Capital Campaign Team Grows

In January, Studio Arts Boulder added two new capital campaign team members who are already having a huge impact on our fundraising capacity. We are thrilled to have these two smart, capable, and experienced team members on the front lines of our capital campaign. Even during the current COVID crises, they are making great strides in building support for this project.

Linda Ciampoli is our new Campaign Manager. Linda worked in the local arts industry for several years prior to 2003, first as Gallery Manager at William Havu Gallery in Denver, then as Studio Director with Wingren Studios in Boulder. She then spent several years in New York working at the Museum of Modern Art and Mariko Mori Studio/Faou Foundation. Linda worked on the capital campaign for the Center for Architecture at the American Institute of Architects in New York before returning to Boulder in 2013.

Ray Merenstein is our new Campaign Consultant. Ray brings a fusion of public affairs, public relations, and fundraising expertise to our project. His experience with a wide variety of organizations in Washington, D.C., Ohio, and Colorado helps expand the scope and reach of our campaign. He’s had proven success building connections with donors and foundations across the front range and excels at identifying new opportunities to form alliances with diverse stakeholders.

You Can Help

Despite the uncertainty of the current public health situation, we continue to hold our vision for a creative future that includes this vibrant new center for community art education in Boulder. Times like this underscore just how important our community spaces really are. Places where people come together to create, connect, and celebrate will be in even higher demand when the current crisis passes. That’s why we are holding the vision of this project even stronger. We need this now more than ever.

The only thing holding us back is funding, but you can help

Please invest in our future together by making a contribution today. Every dollar raised up to $1.75 Million is matched by funds from the Community, Culture, and Safety tax. When you click the button below, scroll to “Donation details” and instead of “Nonprofit’s Discretion” select “Capital” – that will earmark your gift for the expansion project and help us build a brighter tomorrow.

Thank you!