Home on the Knoll

Timelessness: Home on the Knoll

“Inspiration is the feeling of beginning at the threshold where Silence and Light meet.”
John Lobell, Between Silence and Light

This home for one of our favorite couples is on the market after serving them well for the past 23 years. It, like them, has stood the test of time and aged gracefully.

Just as we see in lives lived well, timelessness is the product of wholeness. Someone, or something, is whole when it is the product of what is resolved at the core – its innermost level. Life keeps happening on the outside. Timelessness has what Christopher Alexander termed “the quality without a name.” When you experience it, it just feels right.

The architecture of this mountain home seems to draw its long-term appeal from its relationship with its site. It was intended to grow out of the knoll, not dominate it. Built by Tom Stanko of Harrington Stanko Construction, it was set into the ridge with minimal impact. It is a celebration of a magical setting.

We hope you enjoy the drone fly-through produced by the realtor, LIV Sotheby’s.

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