Magic 8 Ball

Magic 8-Ball answers for 2020

Through pictures, we joyously honor our 2019 completed works, and our 2020 projects in motion. What a stellar year, with the foundation laid for 8 projects to complete construction in 2020.

In our reverie, we consulted the office Magic 8-Ball for some important questions about the year to come. (We don’t really have one, we use the online version.)

Can we have more really cool office parties this year?

Magic 8-Ball Answer: “Concentrate and ask again.”

Will we survive the 2020 Election?

Magic 8-Ball Answer: “Pray to your Gods…VOTE.” (Hmmm…is that the 8-Ball speaking?)

Is it our imagination or are construction costs still climbing?

Magic 8-Ball Answer: “It is decidedly so.”

What is the nature of love?

Magic 8-Ball Answer: “Most likely.”

So there you have it. Oh wise Magic 8, we are glad you are still making your rounds after 70 years in the hands of kids (and adults) looking for answers. Shake, shake, shake! Good times.

And now, a collage of what has been keeping us so busy. Click on any for a bigger view:

Thumbnail not enough? See more of these In Motion projects, and built works from 2019…

Aspen Glow

Boulder Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

First Universalist Church of Denver

High Altitude Haven

Modern Farmhouse

Prairie Bluff

Stone Wall

Sound Sanctuary

Studio Arts Boulder


Thanks to our most wonderful clients, the builders, engineers and consultants we get to work with, and all the vendors and services that lean in to help us do our work. We toast to you all!