Home on the Knoll

Timelessness: Home on the Knoll

This home for one of our favorite couples is on the market after serving them well for the past 23 years. It, like them, has stood the test of time and aged gracefully.
Magic 8 Ball

Magic 8-Ball answers for 2020

In our reverie, we consulted the office Magic 8-ball for some important questions about the year to come.
Drawing on Life

Drawing on Life 1: The Die Was Cast

As a 15-year-old kid in Pittsburgh, I was fortunate enough to intern in a four-person architecture firm on the north side of the city.
Launching Studio Arts Boulder

Launching Studio Arts Boulder

This is something I know I want to leave behind for our children and grandchildren.
Barrett Studio Architects-Boulder Lifestyle

Frozen Tomatoes and a Boulder Lifestyle

Boulder Lifestyle magazine features how Michael and Nancy Linsley's home satisfies their passions and commitment to sustainable living.
Barrett Studio Architects Favorite Places

Favorite Places: Salida, CO

We almost went to a coin toss to pick between Durango or Salida, CO for our first Favorite Places journal.
Studio Arts Boulder

It's a Wrap: Studio Arts Boulder fundraising video

In a gesture of support for our non-profit client Studio Arts Boulder in its fundraising efforts, David spontaneously offered for us to film and produce a video for them.
Barrett Studio-Studio Arts

Radio Show: Studio Arts is Building Up

KGNU Radio interviews Studio Arts Boulder staff and David Barrett on art in the Boulder community and the planned expansion for Studio Arts Boulder.
We Love the Funk

Video: We Love the Funk

We Love the Funk was an inspirational groove from expert panelists on this question: What is it that attracts so many of us to “funky” in our cities and communities?

A photo shoot to remember

This photo shoot was grace in motion: heartwarming owners, expansive natural beauty, and an exquisite match between lifestyle and home.