Our Favorite Things: Volume 8

by Maggie Flickinger

Here’s a break from the usual with a special Holiday Edition of Our Favorite Things!  Cheers.

Our Favorite Things: Volume 8As the frost nips our nose around the holidays, nothing beats a steamy mug of apple cider redolent with the season’s aroma.  And no one brings it to the apple cider game like Big B’s.  Big B’s local, organic unpasteurized apple cider is such a quintessential holiday treat.  Don’t live in Colorado?  Seek out a local cider maker in your town or city.  Trust me – it’s worth it!


Our Favorite Things: Volume 8Be sure to catch this Finnish film take on Santa folklore – you may have a new holiday favorite!  Darkly macabre, Rare Exports been described as a mix between Edward Gorey, the Brothers Grimm, and National Lampoon.  Indeed, it’s a captivating blend of droll humor and full kilt creepiness, with fun details that will keep you talking well after the end credits roll.  An undercurrent of social commentary regarding local know-how versus global greed mildly intellectualizes things, but the film never forgets its heart and is destined to become a classic for those who enjoy a little naughty with their nice.

Our Favorite Things: Volume 8The Colorado Ballet puts on one incredible show with their annual Nutcracker performances.  If holidays are a time for indulging, and experiences rank higher on your Christmas list than traditional presents, spring for a great seat at the show, and stroll to dinner afterwards at one of downtown Denver’s great restaurants.  It’s truly magical.


Our Favorite Things: Volume 8Last but not least, put on your own figurative Santa cap and dole out presents of kindness.  Take a moment to wave or smile at a crossing pedestrian instead of impatiently scowling, hold open a few doors, make that charitable donation instead of just thinking about it: you know the drill.  So live the spirit of the season and maybe, just maybe, it’ll feel so good you’ll carry it with you throughout the year!

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