Stone Wall

Salida, Colorado

As part of a life cycle transition from careers in Chicago to an enlivened outdoor lifestyle, this home is meant as a celebration of place, and a clarification of new living patterns. To these ends, the architecture elevates a single plane of essential functions for this active couple.

By entering at a higher section of the property, the house acts as a raised plynth from which distant views across the expansive valley are made available above the low canopy of ponderosa pines and junipers. The plan winds its way along the edge to a ravine, allowing light and views from two sides of all living spaces. By placing the primary living experiences in this upper level, the articulated shed roofs open to the sky for daylight and spacial drama.  A lower level takes advantage of the drop in topography for guest rooms and workout.

The material pallette is strongly influenced by the presence of a singular thick masonry wall that one passes through into the Great Room. This wall has a sense of being a reclaimed ruin on this mountain perch.


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