Space Saving Solutions: Nano-Living

by Maggie Flickinger

If you’re tapped into the Conscious Living community, you’ve heard of cottage living, microhousing, and the tiny house movement – driving square footages down and eco cred up.  But how low can you go?  Of course, you wouldn’t want to make any horrifyingly planet-killing mistakes like using unreclaimed nails, but otherwise, this intrepid new homeowner from Portland has our nano-living stamp of approval.

[vimeo w=400&h=300]

Well, now that we’ve seen this shining example, we’re embarrassed that the smallest homes we’ve designed clock in at just around 1,000 square feet.  Always up for a challenge, Barrett Studio is now exploring space and energy saving solutions for our clients such as:

  • A living moss wall Murphy bed does double duty purifying your air and softening your sleep!
  • Install Kinetic Power Harnessing Treadmills for your pets:  They run all day so your electric meter doesn’t!
  • The “Vertebrae:” a swiss army knife bathroom!
  • Invest in a pair of binoculars and scrap your space & energy hogging flat screen TV – we bet your neighbors have cable!
  • Why waste all that counter space while you’re sleeping?  Grab an Ostrich pillow to turn your kitchen into a bedroom!
  • Aggressive scheduling of your kids’ sleepovers eliminates the need for bedrooms at your house!

And the ultimate idea from David Barrett himself:  Net Zero energy = Net Zero Square Footage: Socially acceptable couch surfing means you stay with friends and family eschewing a home all together.

Funnily Yours in Commitment to Our Planet,

The Barrett Studio Gang

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