Moody Chicago: Photos from AIA Convention

Last month during the AIA Convention in Chicago, the Windy City showed off another face. Thanks to global weirding, a particularly hard winter left ice far off the lakeshore, pushing cool winds and fog over the waterfront.
Sharing Culture

A Sharing Culture

From Scott DuPree of Civil Society Transitions, I heard of the Zimbabwean idea of qoqelela: a community funded trust that allows individuals and families in the community to take turns purchasing things they wouldn’t have the means to otherwise – things that in turn help the community’s stability, such as livestock or looms.

Our Favorite Things Volume 14: Materials Mashup

This time of year, everything can start taking on a wash of, well, dreariness…boredom…familiarity. It’s the February doldrums in full effect! Not that familiarity is bad, but things can be a lot more fun with a dash of the unexpected. Some of Our Favorite Things surprise us with Materials Mashups.
Barrett Studio Architects

Barrett Studio from Above: Biomorphic & Geometric

What does Google Earth make of homes designed by BARRETT STUDIO architects? While creating a custom Google map for a springtime Barrett Studio Homes biking tour, we got excited about seeing our finished homes from this previously inaccessible (unless you have a pilot friend or a fancy UAV) vantage point.

Our Favorite Things Volume 13: The Pantone Emerald Edition!

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Drawing Dead

Is Drawing Dead?

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Data + Graphics = Expanding Understanding

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TEDx Boulder: Conscious Growth

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Powers of Ten

Powers of Ten: Sunday, 10.10.10

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What Does Green Mean

What Does “Green” Mean?

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