Best of Houzz Design

In the flank of social media symbols on our website you may have noticed a little green one for each year: “Best of Houzz Design.”

Every year since 2014 our work has been the most popular among the 40 million+ monthly users on

Yes, it is my job to manage the Houzz site but I can hardly take all the credit. My predecessor set us up good. She was an early adopter of Houzz and decided to pony up the dollars to be a Houzz Pro (the “pro” credential being that we paid money).

Houzz uses different metrics to measure success including “impressions” which I like simply because it’s a really big number. It means how many times your profile or pictures have shown up in search results on Houzz. It just feels good knowing that in the past 365 days we have made 629,040 impressions!

When a photo starts to become popular on Houzz, it builds on itself. It gains in popularity by being popular. I’m constantly astounded at the photos that make the most impressions with Houzz users.

Top of the Lists

This is a child’s bedroom in a project we call Basement Redux. It has been saved to Ideabooks 17,000 times and is always near the top of our list. Seriously, we barely even remember this remodel from back in 2009.

Then there is this kitchen that people find really cool, clicking and clicking so that it is always in our top 5. Lots of questions about that island post (yes, it was a structural column.) This was a remodel back in 2006, and now a new home we designed for the couple is in construction.

Currently the top photo on our list is this one, a carriage house remodel. Houzz did an article with before/after photos last year, and once something hits the front page of Houzz, that’s a lot of eyes.

I didn’t even realize until writing this article that the deck of this same home was honored as the #1 Deck in the Denver/Boulder area in 2017. It’s pretty sweet…

I’m a sucker for animals so not surprised this one is #2 on our list. The Water-shed Revival home is a great story if you want to read something touching.

Another returning client is in the #5 spot with this beautiful bedroom in Florida. We designed their home in 2007 and now they are buying one of the units at 2@20th! This photo has been added to 10,000 ideabooks.

The fun begins when the photos go international. This is an article in French that Google Translation says is “10 Entries Full of Good Mood.”

Barrett Studio-Houzz Design

Lately I’ve been paying attention to our first page ranking when you search on Google for an architect in Boulder. Regardless of who is at the top of list, the Houzz listing is right there with them, and often it is first. Click on that, and there is Barrett Studio, top of their list. We hope it stays that way and that we keeping making “impressions” with our architecture.