Zoomer House

Zoomerhouse is Underway!

David Barrett and his wife, Betzi Barrett of Four Star Realty, are designing and developing a prototype for-sale “aging gracefully” home in Boulder, Colorado. This is the first in a series of posts documenting the principles, ideas, and practicalities of this exciting endeavor!

Preparing for Disaster: Wildfires

As spring is upon us, we can’t help but stretch toward the warmth and relax into the longer days and their promise of summer. However, in Colorado we also overhear tense conversations about how great the massive highcountry snows are, but will they help mitigate fire danger or will the snowmelt just raise already swollen watertables?

Our Favorite Things Volume 15: Let There Be Light!

In honor of our recent Spring Forward, the first day of Spring, and a string of 70-80 degree days, we’re featuring some bright lighting options to spread the Spring Fever! We’re also “Spring Cleaning” the Our Favorite Things series a bit – sprucing things up with larger images and general pricing information for featured products. Enjoy the light and the growth that spring brings!
Best of Houzz 2014

How to Houzz from a Best of Houzz Architect

Barrett Studio architects is proud to have been named “Best of Houzz 2014” again after our surprise rookie win last year. Since our first award, our images have been added to over 15,000 new Ideabooks in the past year!

Our Favorite Things Volume 14: Materials Mashup

This time of year, everything can start taking on a wash of, well, dreariness…boredom…familiarity. It’s the February doldrums in full effect! Not that familiarity is bad, but things can be a lot more fun with a dash of the unexpected. Some of Our Favorite Things surprise us with Materials Mashups.
Barrett Studio Architects

Barrett Studio from Above: Biomorphic & Geometric

What does Google Earth make of homes designed by BARRETT STUDIO architects? While creating a custom Google map for a springtime Barrett Studio Homes biking tour, we got excited about seeing our finished homes from this previously inaccessible (unless you have a pilot friend or a fancy UAV) vantage point.

Barrett Studio Named “Best of Houzz 2013”

Barrett Studio architects is proud to have been named “Best of Houzz 2013.” This honor goes to professionals with project images most often added to Houzzer’s Ideabooks. Since we first uploaded a few images six months ago, we’ve added more and more, and now our images have been added to over 10,000 Ideabooks!

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