Our Favorite Things: Volume 5

by Maggie Flickinger

Our Favorite Things Volume 5I stumbled upon Michael McDowell – aka Mudpuppy’s – studio last week at Rino’s First Friday, and promptly fell in love with his hanging Airplant Pods.  Hand cast and glazed, and suspended on unassuming twine, they are a perfect blend of organic and modern: my favorite aesthetic.  I’ll be picking up a few to compliment my Boskke Sky Planters, creating a veritable hanging garden!  Well priced – from $30 – $42 depending on size & glaze – and available via Michael’s Etsy shop, along with other whimsical ceramic explorations.

Our Favorite Things Volume 5Puma recently has partnered with Biomega to produce a line of crossover bikes.  They’ve taken five cycling archetypes – BMX, City, Foldable, Cruiser, and Cargo – and blended their features, effectively creating five new bikes.  I’m particularly drawn to the Disko, their version of a folding bike.  While saddled with a hefty price tag (starting at $970) it’s certainly a stylish entry in the urban commuter class, and functionally combines upright seating with BMX handling.

Our Favorite Things Volume 5Amy’s recent holiday in Steamboat Springs led her to David Taylor’s exhibit at the Steamboat Art Museum, running through October 16th.  Taylor, a  graphic designer by trade, has been quilting for 10 years moving from a more traditional style to a stitched applique style.  Taylor’s award-winning quilts are recognizable by their density of stitching and faithful photographic translations – and are true pieces of art that should be seen in person to fully appreciate!

Our Favorite Things Volume 5While developing the sustainability program for Twin Buttes, we did some research into in-home energy monitoring.  The surprising fact we came across is that simply having such a device can prompt home owner’s to fine tune their usage – without making any sacrifices – and save 15% on their energy bills.  With increasing numbers of SmartMeters being installed across the nation, devices such as Tendril’s Vision will truly put the power of conservation into homeowner’s hands – by allowing us to see real-time impact of use & conservation strategies.

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