Our Favorite Things: Volume 7

by Maggie Flickinger

Our Favorite Things Volume 7Heading to Sweden?  A stay at the Kolarbyn Ecoresort promises to be an adventurous highlight.  Rustic grass & moss covered cabins enjoy cozy interior details of stone wood-burning fireplaces and sheepskin adorned beds.  A wood fueled sauna floats on the idyllic Lake Skarsjon, with dense woods surrounding.  Wildlife abounds, with wolf, moose, lynx, beaver & bear being among the highlights.  This is also truly a local ecoresort, as it is actually owned by the area’s community farmers.

Our Favorite Things Volume 7From Nicole, our intrepid Denver cyclist:  I value that this Great Road Rides Denver has an urban emphasis.  It encourages riding directly from home rather than traveling by car to a less urban setting with bike in tow, a practice that has always confused me.  Laws, safety and road etiquette are clearly expressed, validating an urban cycling experience that I could never have put into words.  I am very excited to experience a new side of  Denver by riding a route I would never have found on my own!

Our Favorite Things Volume 7Sometimes, spatial limitations waylay even the best green intentions.  Don’t have space for both a compost bin and a recycle?  Basketbin cleverly combos the two with a dishwasher safe, lidded compost insert that marries a standard recycle / wastebin, making separation a snap.  This seems like it would be a great solution for commercial or home offices as well.  The best part?  They’re currently on sale for just $28 from SFMOMA.

Our Favorite Things Volume 7Ex-Barrett Studio-er Greg Uitto shows off Populus’ new burly cargo bike.  In a great example of a green business “walking the walk,” Boulder home energy company Populus encourages county-wide business to be done on their fleet of Yuba’s Mundo bikes, outfitted with roomy cargo bags for tools & briefcases as well as lights for evening use.  Tally one for shifting from “the company car” to company bike(s).  We have one question though:  are those stylie aviators Greg is sporting part of the Populus uniform?

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