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The timeless architecture of Barrett Studio is centered around the lives of people, and always remains connected and in concert with nature. In places to live, work, play and pray we craft unique responses to site, climate and community, all in service to the people who inhabit these spaces and their way of life.

We call this Living Architecture.

“During the process we became so integrated that it was impossible to tell who was leading and who was following. It became all co-creation.”




It begins by listening: listening to our client’s dreams and fears, wants and needs; listening to the land’s whispers and shouts–the slopes, the sun, the winds and the water.

We respond to these varied inputs in an iterative, lively creative process.


The client joins with us in a spirited endeavor to craft their living architecture. Through thoughtful integration, the client is guided to make design decisions and to understand the implications of choices on budget, on aesthetics, and livability.

We are conductors to exceptional and sustainable design, always responding to the client’s desires and budgetary realities.


The client can fall into the intelligence of Barrett Studio’s leadership, our technical expertise, and our relationships with consultants in engineering, landscaping and construction.

We offer a reliable, comprehensive holding of the extensive technical considerations of building, whether simply meeting current building codes and standards, or targeting high performance and green motivations.


Our methods are suited to projects of all scales and types—residential, commercial, a place of worship, or an entire neighborhood—as each project is approached as a new encounter with potential for creative collaboration and fresh thinking.

Collaborative co-creation results in truly unique projects that resonate with meaning.

There is nothing rote or mundane about our process. We are architectural craftspeople who rely on the client’s engagement to achieve ambitious goals.

What stands out in all of our successful undertakings is the quality of the people we have worked with, the trust we have developed with each other, and the effectiveness of our communication. Our shared commitment to excellence can be seen and felt in the eventual products. We embark upon an exciting, creative journey and operate from a place of trust and open exchange. It is so much fun!

We believe in a simple truth: Life is precious, it should be lived fully.

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