We did it, we built our dream house and if we were to build another house (which we won’t because this one is perfect) we would use them again! David Barrett and his associates are incredibly creative and innovative, but I think their best attribute is that they love what they do.

Rodrigo and Shari

I feel as if our house is not only an expression of my and my wife’s person and personality, but an amplification. I feel more myself in our home than I thought possible, and the best parts of myself, the best parts of my mind and heart, find expression there.


Their design showed such attention to detail, interplay of light and shadow inside the home, and livability. As a first-time house builder, they walked me through all of my options to control costs and yet get the house that I love, giving sound advice to both me and my builder every step of the way.


Your insight, good ideas, responsiveness, cooperative spirit—all of these remind me that you are our partners in this endeavor. It is a joy, and so gratifying to work with you.


Best wishes to you all for helping me transform my life.


When we first met you, I wasn’t convinced that architects were entirely necessary…I came away from the experience feeling that your hearts were in our house.


My husband and I had the pleasure of working with David and Sam on our dream home. We couldn’t be more pleased with the finished product. The design was a perfect blend of contemporary lines with a Colorado Mountain feel. They did a wonderful job and we would use them again!


We wake and smile, we float into the kitchen for coffee, burrow into our offices, revived by our morning meeting in the master suite (mmm-the shower is especially heavenly) We are daily transported into joy by this beautiful collaboration creation we call Home.


Great experience! From the moment David stepped into our home, the remodel ideas started to formulate. Working with us on the feel we wanted to create, he came up with design concepts that met all our needs. The staff worked closely with us along the way, considered our ideas and executed beautifully. We came in on time and on budget.


David, Nicole and team designed a wonderful home for us in Florida. A long distance project can be a challenge but they made it work. Five years after moving in we are still in love with our home.

Summer and Steven

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