Running with Sun Run

by Amy Kirtland I just signed a new lease. No, not for…

TEDx Boulder: Conscious Growth

by Maggie Flickinger It's here!  My talk for August's TEDx…

Wildfire Resistant by Design

by Sam Nishek, Architect, LEED AP Two weeks ago in the hills…

Solar Takes a Turn for Sexy

Solar has embarked on a European vacation, tossing caution to the wind and flaunting its sexy curves in Madrid. Thousands have flocked to ogle the Solar Homes on display at the Solar Decathlon Europe in Madrid.
Solar Bungalow Artfully Green

Solar Bungalow: Artfully Green

Barrett Studio is often associated with biomorphic, organic designs that blend tactile, hand-crafted architecture with modern design and detailing. But another of our sustainability principles is being a good neighbor, and as such we've designed several homes that display more of a traditional connotation of home.
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“Beat-to-Hell Modernism”

We’ve had a lot of media coverage over the years, and you never quite know what a writer will glean from an interview. So, we had to chuckle when we saw the David Barrett quote Yellowscene Magazine pulled for their feature on Contemporary Colorado, “It’s beat-to-hell sophistication that balances, warms and brings a handmade quality to these splendid, dynamic homes.”
Wee Ski Chalet

The Concept of Enough: wee ski Chalet

As David Wann opines in his article, "Redefining Enough", our culture seems to be in a precipitous freefall toward an overaccumulation obsession paired with a paucity of true fulfillment.