Fashionable Geekery

by Maggie Flickinger

In honor of yesterday’s Embrace Your Inner Geek Day, I’d like to share Douglas Coupland’s new fashion line, developed with Canadian lifestyle brand Roots. That’s right, hallowed tech geek author Coupland (best known for the 1991 classic, Generation X), has forayed into fashion. But will his satiric, spot-on cultural commentary translate to a more immediate, transient medium? Turns out this geek was formally trained in the fine arts, and takes a refreshingly simplistic view on cross-medium creativity:

“It’s…of a moment and very very Pop. So you can’t expect it to do what a book does. It tingles a different region of the brain where books don’t dare go—a region I enjoy having tingled. So it’s almost an urge more than anything else.”

(For the rest of his interview with AIGA, click here)

But, what does it look like, you’re wondering!

Fashionable Geekery

Umm. Okay.  Now I am flailing.  Ironic statement of 80’s meets pop art meets wired?  Satiric debunking of digital saturation?  Modern interpretation of the Canadian identity?  (I’d love to hear some Canuck’s take on this)  All I know is the teenie-boppers the campaign seems to be oriented to probably think it’s actually cool, which is their right…but I’m too old to pull off these sartorial statements.  While the understated circuit board scarf is tempting, I’ll probably just stick to my love of Coupland’s writing – comfortably geeky, with just a tasteful dash of exuberant hipness.

Click here for the full collection (in all its flash-intensive technicolor glory)

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