Our Favorite Things, Volume 4

by Maggie Flickinger

Our Favorite Things Vol 4The Isometric Chair by Kalon Studios is a work of art, domestically crafted from solid bamboo and finished with natural wax.  An effortless blend of classic curve & modern minimalism, this is one more seating design for notorious chair-loving architects to add to their “must-have” collections.  While we have some questions about the structural integrity of such a daringly slight design, we can’t help but admire!  Available direct from manufacturer or from a variety of modern furniture purveyors.

Our Favorite Things Vol 4Bioplastics have long been plagued by accusations of non-biodegradability.  Now, nanotechnology is being used to conquer the problem.  Introducing nanoparticles of natural clay to PHB (a common bioplastic) results in a plastic-like substance that is highly heat resistant, pliable & resilient, and predictably biodegradable.  Ready-made applications range from packaging to medical, but one has to wonder, could this have some architectural application in temporary housing for disaster relief or refugee shelters?   (brought to my attention by Amy – thanks!)

Our Favorite Things Vol 4Most people keyed into sustainability issues have heard the terms deep green and greenwashing.  Here’s a new green term to add to the roster: Bright Green.  Coined in 2003 by Alex Steffen, and enjoying increasing popularity, bright green refers to a convergence of technology & social innovation with the goal of sustainable development or a sustainable world.  Worldchanging is Steffen’s blog & book, and is bursting with tech savvy ideas for a different future.

Our Favorite Things Vol 4Callan brought this product to the attention of the editors of Colorado Homes & Lifestyles, and they featured it in the August 2010 article, Designer Indulgences.  It’s a delightful new take on a tried & true sustainable material: cork penny tiles. Here, the tiles create an easy-to-install waterproof mosaic that would be at home in a historic renovation or could bring a soft touch to a modern interior.  Think bathroom floor, or even shower pan!  And this is an indulgence that won’t break the bank – the tiles are available locally at Go Green Flooring or direct from manufacturer for around $10/square foot.

Anything you’d like us to cover in the recurring Our Favorite Things series?  Let us know by commenting!

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