Our Favorite Things Vol 19

Our Favorite Things Vol. 19

Vintage Edison Bulb: The Buster / London’s design label Buster + Punch declares they have created the world’s first designer LED bulb. With the energy efficiency of today, the Buster Bulb lets your nostalgic flair flourish. The resin light pipe at the center of the bulb is where all the magic happens.
Favorite Things Volume 18

Our Favorite Things Volume 18

Rebecca, our Interiors Intern and Librarian, is slightly obsessed with the Lumio…a brilliant lamp that cleverly disguises itself as a book!

Our Favorite Things Volume 17

Living Bridges, Literally: The tiny village of Mawsynram in Meghalaya puts Colorado’s frequent afternoon rainstorms to shame. Wearing “the wettest place on earth” badge with honor, the locals train the roots of rubber trees to grow into resilient natural bridges and ladders that last for centuries, where man-made wooden structures would deteriorate within a few years. Talk about 100% living architecture!

Our Favorite Things Volume 16

Cradle to Cradle certified, ECOR’s sustainable building panels and “kit of parts” panel components including Honeycor & Wavecor are lightweight, and easily assembled. They’re made from agricultural waste – cellulose fiber – with a closed loop water system in manufacturing leading to 99.5% reutilization.

Our Favorite Things Volume 15: Let There Be Light!

In honor of our recent Spring Forward, the first day of Spring, and a string of 70-80 degree days, we’re featuring some bright lighting options to spread the Spring Fever! We’re also “Spring Cleaning” the Our Favorite Things series a bit – sprucing things up with larger images and general pricing information for featured products. Enjoy the light and the growth that spring brings!

Our Favorite Things Volume 14: Materials Mashup

This time of year, everything can start taking on a wash of, well, dreariness…boredom…familiarity. It’s the February doldrums in full effect! Not that familiarity is bad, but things can be a lot more fun with a dash of the unexpected. Some of Our Favorite Things surprise us with Materials Mashups.

Our Favorite Things: Volume 6

by Maggie Flickinger Do Good.  Eat Good. Feel Good.  That's…
Our Favorite Things

Our Favorite Things, Volume 4

The Isometric Chair by Kalon Studios is a work of art, domestically crafted from solid bamboo and finished with natural wax. An effortless blend of classic curve & modern minimalism, this is one more seating design for notorious chair-loving architects to add to their "must-have" collections.
Favorite Things

Our Favorite Things: Volume 3

Gathering around a table enjoying the fruits of your harvest is one of the joys of spring and summer. Gathering around a table enjoying the fruits of someone else's harvest prepared by trained chefs? Even better!
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Our Favorite Things: Week One!

If you receive our enewsletter, you may have seen "Our Favorite Things." This is a weekly-ish grouping of some of the exciting places, products/systems/materials, people, or projects that are on our radar. It's a fun way of keeping you in our loop!