Our Favorite Things: Volume 3

by Maggie Flickinger

Our Favorite Things Volume 3Gathering around a table enjoying the fruits of your harvest is one of the joys of spring and summer.  Gathering around a table enjoying the fruits of someone else’s harvest prepared by trained chefs?  Even better!  Meadowlark partners with local Colorado farms to offer a series of outdoor farm dinners, harvested that day (or close to it!) and prepared on-site.  With menu items such as Wood-Fired Stinging Nettle Risotto and Yoghurt Panna Cotta with Preserved Wild Plums, it’s clear that they’re successfully straddling the line of earthy authenticity and gourmet goodness.

Our Favorite Things Volume 3Ever frustrated when trip planning and lodging options are a primitive campsite or an overwrought resort that removes you from the environment?  Alternative lodging for ecotourism is gaining popularity, but the restricted options aren’t often artful.  The Rolling Huts in northern Washington are an example of environmentally contextual lodging that is a major step up from camping, while remaining economical and beautiful.  Several huts “herd” in a meadow close to a historic barn / bathhouse.  Minimal interiors are well-detailed and elevate the typical “hut” aesthetic.


Our Favorite Things Volume 3

Plastic or styrofoam plates?  No way!  When you’re planning your summer BBQ, compostable plates are the best eco option.  Available from Branch Home or Joanne Hudson, Kaku plates, platters, cups, and bowls by Wasara bring a decidedly Japanese aesthetic to these typically mundane objects.  Created from sugar-cane waste (bagasse), they’re a great tree-free alternative to standard paper plates as well.


Our Favorite Things Volume 3An unparalleled “practical philosopher,” Buckminster Fuller’s innovations, designs, and prolific writings have long been an inspiration for our studio.    The Buckminster Fuller Institute is actively extending Bucky’s brand of empowerment with their $100k annual Challenge (this year awarded to Operation Hope, an anti-desertification project currently benefiting Africa), Design Science Education series, and many more initiatives.  Here’s to unabashedly being verbs!

Let us know what types of things you’d like to hear about in our recurring “Our Favorite Things” posts!

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