Entries by Leslie McDonald

Solstice Window Success

David’s blue man interpretive dance! Wish it were true, but this brilliant blue glow is visible evidence of a carefully crafted solstice window at First Universalist Church of Denver.

Roaming Rainbows

Glass awards in our upper windows create the most amazing rainbows! From pale and sultry to rich and vibrant, they travel across surfaces, surprising us with their beauty. A few of our favorite sightings…

Earth Day Architecture: Real and Imagined

As we approach Earth Day 2017, are these good examples of Earth Day architecture from around the world? Every building has the potential to be more “green” and sustainable, but these buildings take it a step further, or at first glance they seem to. We asked our staff for their off-the-cuff reactions and share them for your interest and amusement.

The True Value of Full-Service Architecture

We are a full-service architecture firm. While this has a great deal of meaning to us, it’s surprising that there isn’t a commonly recognized definition among architects. An essence of shared meaning can be easily deduced, but we gravitate toward a definition that illustrates the qualities of our design process more than the stages of design.