Solstice Window Success

Barrett Studio Architects-Solstice

David’s blue man interpretive dance!

Wish it were true, but this brilliant blue glow is visible evidence of a carefully crafted solstice window at First Universalist Church of Denver.

While we were busy architecting the church remodel, congregant John Bringenburg spearheaded the design and execution of the solstice window. We’ll let him tell the story…

“I’m part of our Green First Committee and one of the scientist elders in our group mentioned early on that we should ‘consider putting in a solstice window’. I instantly loved this idea even though I did not know what a solstice window was. I have also been on the building committee, part of the small team that chose the architect, and very well plugged in…so I was in a position to press the idea forward.”

“However, when I got the green light to actually do something, I quickly learned there is no such thing or product as a solstice window. In fact nearly all examples are of ancient rock or building openings.”

Barrett Studio Architects-Solstice

“So I put my design hat on and Sam agreed to give me a very small (22” square) skylight that is at 180 degrees south on the “Oculus” roof section. With that small cavity, I designed a solstice window feature using tubes that are set to the three angles that capture the two solstices and equinox’s and cast a small color “light” to the stage. I also made it with a blue Plexiglas outline so that every day it glows on its perimeter.” (see photo above, left side)

The photo below shows what is hidden in the ceiling, and John created a brochure to explain the design and geometry of his creation.

John, nice work on making this solstice window come to life!

 Barrett Studio Architects-Solstice

Solstice Window GF Brochure 2

Solstice Window GF Brochure 1